Thinking of Becoming a Life Coach?

  • Do you have a heart to help people and wonder if become a life coach might be the best way to accomplish that?
  • Do you want to see people have freedom, growth, sense of purpose and lasting transformation?
  •  Is it important to you to have your training based on biblical values? (All truly effective coaching strategies have their roots in biblical wisdom. )

Then maybe becoming a Covenant Coach is the next right step for you!

Below is my interview with Hannah Keeley, founder of Covenant Coaching Academy. If anything resonates with you or if you would like to talk to me more about becoming a life coach, schedule a call with me! 

The life coaching industry is not regulated, which means you don’t need to get a certification to become a life coach. So if that’s the case, why did I get certified?

I was committed to:

  • my own personal growth
  • learning the science of coaching
  • learning the art of coaching
  • putting in the hours
  • sharping my skills so that I could bring more value to my clients
  • having accountability

Without training will you be ready to hold someone’s mind in your hands and lead them to breakthroughs?

Through CCA, I learned the science and the faith principles to help others transform their lives. It’s a honor to be used by God for this purpose.

I want to support YOU through this journey! Schedule a Zoom call with me and also find out how you can get complimentary coaching by me as you work on becoming a coach. I want to walk alongside you and help you reach your life coaching goal.