The Mompreneur Lab

The Science of Success at Home AND Business

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Mom, have you ever looked around you and saw women who are greatly successful in their business and wonder why you’re not yet?

Or what about those moms who are rocking it at home and seem to have all the systems and routines in place and are enjoying motherhood while you aren’t?

It feels like a teeter-totter, always off-balance. Either you’re doing awesome at home and the business slides, or your business is doing well but things at home are falling apart.

Where is the model for a mom to be successful at both home and business at the same time? ↓

It's Right Here in The Mompreneur Lab

If your business hasn’t thrived, it’s not your fault. Very few people understand the science of how to prosper in motherhood and business at the same time. And as Christians, we also have another aspect that often gets overlooked– bringing our faith into our business, not only our home.

→ Moms, did you know our brains change when we become moms?

→ Do you know what those changes are and how to work with them not against them?

Let’s get off that teeter-totter and step into the elevator where we lift up home and business simultaneously. It’s a science, it’s the Mompreneur Science. I cracked the code and I’m going to walk you through the process without hustle, overwhelm or burnout!

The Mompreneur Lab

Are you ready to start 2021 on your terms?

NOW is the time to lay the framework. Let’s move from feeling stuck, stressed and barely keeping your head above water to intentionally leading your family, ministry and business.

Check all the points where your answer is “YES!”

  • Has your business stayed a “hobby” instead of a profitable business?
  • Do you feel guilty when spending time on your business because it takes away from your family?
  • Are you struggling keeping up your home routines while working your business?
  • Do you have FOMO seeing others in your industry hitting rank and making sales?
  • Has your business hit a plateau and you’re not sure how to level up?
  • Are you just surviving as a mom instead of thriving?
  • Are you wondering if God even wants you to do this business of yours?

If you answered “yes” to any of those, I want to invite you to join The Mompreneur Lab.

The Mompreneur Lab Testimonials

Why the Mompreneur Lab?

Maureen Spell

I’m going to walk you through strategic steps to create success at home and business so that you can:

  • quit spinning your wheels with busy work that yields no results in your business.
  • know exactly how to show up in your business during the gap times of Mom Life.
  • enjoy being present with your family instead of thinking of all the business things you “should” be doing.

With my background in education and my experience as a successful life coach and mompreneur (to 7 kids), I am able to walk you through how to do it using faith-based strategies and science.

The Lab Overview

Your membership into the lab gives you 3 months of LIVE support, training and coaching in addition to the complete Mompreneur Lab Course.

Weekly you’ll get:

  • Strategic trainings every Monday
  • LIVE Q&A and group coaching on Wednesdays
  • Feedback Fridays where you get personalized feedback 

Everything you learn in The Mompreneur Lab will be replicated every time you move up a new level in your business and motherhood.

During Our Lab Time You'll...

  • Create a personalized “Mompreneur Mind Map”  identifying limiting thought patterns and how to overcome them so you can escape the day to day rut of survival mode.
  • Get a clear before and after analysis with a “Mom Life Assessment” so that you can begin pursuing your life goals.
  • Build a customized “Simple Balance System” that allows you freedom to show up at home and in your business consistently. 
  • Develop “Real Life Mom Marketing” for your business.
  • Establish three personalized “Lifestyle Reset-Goals” that will inspire you to wake up and start the day with intention! 
  • Implement a daily “Mom Reset Action Plan” for your newly defined goals and build personal accountability into your day.
  • Increase your sales confidence with the “Showing Up to Serve” method.
  • Integrate a “Family Mission Plan” so you can faithfully steward your family and business without neglecting yourself.
  • Biblical insights to help you maintain your new systems and routines for ongoing growth and increase.
The Mompreneur Lab

The Mompreneur Lab is a specialized 3 month coaching and training experience where we walk through the entire program together!

You’ll get:

  • The full Mompreneur Lab course
  • A community off of Facebook and social media
  • Weekly group coaching and Q&A
  • Weekly personalized feedback
  • Private onboarding coaching 

*with option for continued support, trainings, and community after the program.

Let's Talk

If any of this resonated with you but you’d like to know more, let’s chat! Click the button below to schedule your appointment this week. Because this is a specialized group coaching program, there are limited spots available because I’m committed to walking alongside you during these 3 months.

What might this make possible for you and your family in 2021?

“Mo, just give me the details! I want in!” 
Your investment is a monthly subscription for 3 months to The Mompreneur Lab. After the 3 months, you will still have access to the course. Click the button for details and to sign up.


As a single mom, I was really struggling with balancing the work and family. I was either rocking it as a mom, and my business was suffering, or rocking it in my business and ignoring my responsibilities as a mom and missing out on the joy of mothering my four boys. After just the first two weeks, I realized that I had a lot of mindset shifts I needed to make. It was like all the little bits and pieces from different courses and trainings I had learned over the past 10 years finally began to make sense or I finally understood why they weren't working for me. So now that things are over, I'm so excited because I am enjoying being a mom and a business owner. I'm able to run my house and play with my kids, and run my business and do all the things I want to do there without burning the candle at both ends. We're all so much more happy because of it! My boys are encouraging me and sharing ideas for the business. They are helping out. I'm able to work when I need to work and turn off work and be in mom-mode and relax and enjoy my kids.
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