The Mompreneur Momentum Lab

Get the secret to business and motherhood without the mom guilt

Hey Mama,

Do you get laser focused on one thing at home, and quit working on your business? Then working on your business feels like everything falls apart?

Have you hit a point where you’re trying to build a business and you really need to figure out some balance?

Have you been trying to jerry-rig your business for too long? 

mom life balance

Everywhere you look, the advice says:

“You need to work harder and smarter.”
“You need to have a schedule and a strategy.”
“You need to play to your strengths.”

But is that 100% true?

Because no matter what you do, it never works. Those strategies may last for a season, but not for long.

Here’s why you may be struggling:

MYTH #1:

You feel like the to-do list will bring success.

Doing more and strategizing more only puts a bandaid on what is really going on.

It’s possible to save time and mental energy to run a business/ministry well while still prioritizing family.

MYTH #2:

You feel like balance is what you’re trying to achieve.

You’ve bought into the thought that balance of time will make your life feel less chaotic.

It’s possible you need a different way to label your priorities.

MYTH #3:

You have to be mom OR a business owner.

You’ve believed the lie that this is the season to focus on kids and that dream God gave you will have to wait.

It’s possible to have both without mom guilt.

So what is the right way, Mo?
I’m glad you asked.

Introducing The Mompreneur Momentum Lab.

It’s not just a course, but it’s a group coaching program as well.

Shift Your Mindset

Learn to recognize the patterns that make you freeze with overwhelm and then spin your wheels.

Mama, God redeems time. You’re not behind. Shifting this thought among many will shift your life and business.

Create Decision Making Filters

Identify what values God has given you and eliminate decision fatigue that keeps you frozen in overwhelm.

You get to decide what your boundaries are and what works best for your family. Then let it fluctuate.

Establish Systems and Routines

Learn how to stop scrolling your day away on social media because there are too many family and business decisions to make.

Know exactly what steps to take that work for you as an individual. Create your own structure and flow for yourself with no guilt.


The Mompreneur Lab

In the next 3 months you get:

Monday strategic trainings at your own pace:
Get training around business strategies, identifying excuses, decision making filters, labeling priorities without guilt, and more.

Wednesday LIVE Q&A and group coaching:
Get coached around the topic of the week. You’re not in this alone.

Personalized Feedback Fridays:
Get support on a specific topic from your homework.

Also includes resources like:

Mompreneur Mind Map to get out of survival mode.
Money Mindset Masterbook
Life assessment so you can track your goals and reach them
Real Life Mom Marketing because we don’t want to do it like everyone else
Showing up to serve method to increase sales with confidence

And so much more


Ok, Mo, everyone is calling themselves a coach these days, so why trust you with my family and business? 

Maureen Spell Life Coach

There’s got to be a better way to homeschool and do business.

“You need to do this or that, Mo.”

But I found there wasn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for us.

I began to realize these “shoulds” placed on my life created a feeling of inadequacy.

The exact thing I didn’t want for moms. I wanted to shout from the rooftops, “You have exactly what you need for this season. You just don’t realize it.”

So that’s why I got certified as a Christian Life Coach based in Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques. I now use science and scripture to help you tackle the solutions to grow a healthy business and home.

*Side note, on weekends you can find me sipping some Kombucha while reading subtitles on foreign films.

There is a better way to run your business and family with excellence.
Learn how to steward both well.

I’ve gone through trials and certifications and packaged them all up into the MOMPRENEUR MOMENTUM LAB that will work for you.

And it’s now yours.


  • Leaving a legacy to your children that they are capable of doing what God has called them to do because of your example.
  • Not feeling stuck and getting out of your own way. While at the same time you stand in confidence in next steps.
  • Removing the guilt, judgment and condemnation on yourself for trying to fit into a box of what culture says a mom should be.
  • Pre-Making decisions before they ever come up. Knowing what to do and when.


  1. Is there a money back guarantee?
    I do not offer refunds for the Mompreneur Momentum Lab. But if you promise to commit to yourself that you’re 100% in, then your life, family and business will forever change.
  2. What’s the time commitment per week?
    It takes an hour to watch the lesson and do the homework each week. Then there is the weekly coaching session. Minimum is 2 ½ hours per week to invest in your future.
  3. How are you different? I’ve already hired a coach in the past and didn’t get results.
    Other coaches focus on doing. “Let’s do time management or goal setting” This is a bandaid. It never finds your root issue. Maybe you think you need to make more calls. The root of the problem finds out why you aren’t making more calls. The Mompreneur Momentum Lab ensures that you stop defaulting back to old patterns and beliefs and move forward with God’s strength.

So today, it’s your choice to make.

Do you want to continue jerry-rigging your business? Or do you want to make a decision that leaves a legacy of dream chasing and obedience to your children?

It’s time to:


  • Remove the guilt, judgment and condemnation on yourself for trying to fit into a box of what you feel like culture says a mom should be. 
  • Create solutions in your business and family that bring you more joy… and kick the guilt to the curb
  • Realize it’s ok to have someone help you mama.