Maureen Spell Speaker


Maureen specializes in supporting women as they transition into new seasons of growth and leadership in both their businesses and families. She helps her clients operate from a place of joy, purpose, and excellence.

Through coaching, her clients are able to overcome mom-guilt, stress, and burn-out, and achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

By helping clients make key mindset shifts, establish decision-making filters, and clarify their values, Maureen equips them to fully embrace a new way of living and thriving at home and business.

Beyond her work, Maureen enjoys having conversations over a cup of chai or GT Gingerberry kombucha, and hanging out with her husband and seven children.


  • Faith & Business
  • Motherhood & Business
  • Mindset 
  • Stress
  • Decision-Making for Moms in Business

Rewrite Your Stress Story

When the Hustle Became Unholy

Reflect & Renew

Have you ever felt that being stressed out is just a requirement of being a mom? Are you waiting for circumstances to change, children to remember to do their chores and the family to help out around the house without you asking in order to not feel stressed?

Here’s your chance to rewrite your stress story!

It was another late night working. “If I could only get one more client then I’d have some breathing room with our finances.” So I pressed on, ignoring what my body and my spirit was telling me. I had unintentionally stepped into the unhealthy hustle zone and would soon realize the price I’d pay for it.

There is power in the habit of reflecting on your thoughts and renewing your mind! In a fast-paced world, slowing down to pause at the feet of Jesus takes intentionality. It’s counter-intuitive. But momma, it’s the key to walking out that inner peace state of being.

Maureen shares 3 keys towards developing the reflect & renewal habit.

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