Powershifts Master Class


This class is for the mom who:


+ has a business or ministry 
+ sometimes questions God if she should even be doing this business

+ is working from home while trying to balance the family duties

+ has mom-guilt that she's not doing "all-the-things" well in family & business
+ knows she could do more with her business but is afraid of how she will manage it

+ doesn't want to hustle or grind to have success in business

+ is ready to not be held back anymore by mom-guilt, overwhelm and burnout

+ is ready to implement at least one new step at home or business

Master Class Information:

  • Date: Wed. April 21 | Time: 8 PM EST
  • Your first email will contain your RSVP link. Please fill that out in order to unlock a bonus training.

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About Your Host

Maureen Spell Photo

I’m a certified Christian mindset life coach who helps moms and mompreneurs establish intentional mindsets, routines and goals in order to focus on and get more of the priority things in their life instead of only dealing with the “squeaky wheel” stuff.

We nix the idea of “balance” (whatever that means) and develop life-giving ways to show up well at home and business.

Over the years I've run several businesses while raising a family. I’m also a homeschooling mom of 7 who loves good conversations, chai lattes and GT Gingerberry kombucha.