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One of the things I value is learning new things. I love to gather information and curate it to teach others. But gathering and curating information doesn’t give me experience, it just gives me knowledge. 
It’s kind of like when I was pregnant with my first child. I read the “What to Expect When Expecting” book, asked other moms questions and gleaned the information I thought I’d need to help me prepare for motherhood. I was trying to feel ready to parent!
But it wasn’t until I gave birth and started parenting that I put any of that knowledge into action and found what worked in theory and what worked in reality. :) 
None of that gathering information was wrong, in fact some of it was helpful. But I was hoping it would help me feel confident to start motherhood. Here’s the thing, the baby was going to come whether I felt ready or not!
I’ve seen a similar pattern play out in my life in other areas. I’d read books, take courses, listen to webinars, attend trainings all with the hopes that this information will help me feel ready to step out and do something new. 
But this time there was no “baby” coming whether I was ready or not. Instead, I’d get stuck in the waiting to feel ready/gathering information cycle and wonder why nothing was happening!
I learned though, the one thing I can do to feel ready is to take some sort of action! That action is what gives me experience, which leads to skills being mastered and confidence growing. 
Waiting to feel ready is a myth. It was a self-protection mode of mine to keep me from stepping into the new.
I don’t have to feel ready, I can choose to believe that I have all I need now to take the next step! I can apply what I know now instead of waiting to get it all figured out.
“True learning doesn’t happen in the collection of information but in the execution of it.” Shawn Q

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