The Mompreneur Mind  

Summer Accelerator

You might be thinking,

“ I want to enjoy this upcoming season without stressing about my business!”

What if you could still have fun AND run your business with grace and ease?


What if you could build a foundation that would enable you to be able to show up for your business well knowing that it was working with your family, not against it?


The key component most Christian mompreneurs miss is developing a Kingdom mompreneurial mindset. As moms we think and operate differently. As believers in Christ, we think and operate differently. That means we do business differently!


Let's accelerate our Mompreneur Mindset this August in the Grace Based Business for Mompreneurs Facebook group.


We'll cover:

  • Mompreneurs Take Ownership
  • Mompreneurs Know Their Value(s)
  • Mompreneurs Identify Their Obstacles
  • Mompreneurs Make Decisions
  • Mompreneurs Take Action


The goal? To take consistent action and become aware of what you really want family and business to look like. Awareness allows for things to change! It's a step that is often overlooked while decisions are made on auto-pilot.

Here's the Details:

  • August 7-11
  • LIVE session 11am EST each day
  • Replays will be available until Aug. 16th
  • Mini-action steps to take in the areas of faith, mindset, family and business
  • Moving the needle in your business and family one step at a time.

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About Your Host



Maureen helps Christian mompreneurs operate their business from a place of joy, purpose, and excellence because they are clear on how their business is serving their family and others. She believes success at home AND business without the mom-guilt, stress and burn-out is possible!


Maureen’s clients are able to fully step into this new way of showing up because they’ve changed their operating patterns through key mindset shifts, created decision-making filters, gained clarity around what they offer, and identified family and business priorities. She uses science and scripture to help her clients tackle the solutions to grow a healthy business and home. Outside of work, she loves having good conversations over a hot chai or GT Gingerberry kombucha and spending time with her husband and seven children.