Everyone talks about goals, vision boards and dreams, yet sometimes it’s hard to dream, have vision or set goals.

I’ve heard from many clients that they are so in the middle of their day-to-day obligations that they haven’t had time to look forward to what could be.

For others, there is just some sort of block when it comes to dreaming.

Why is it even important to dream?

I believe God has wired each one of us with dreams that line up with our skills, gifts and talents so that we can touch the lives of others. I think that our wonderfully creative God wants us to dream with Him on ways to impact our family, community and world.

This workshop walks you through some of the dream-stealers you might be facing, and includes journaling prompts to get your brain thinking past your current circumstances.

Then we’ll work on dreaming and creating our own vision boards.

In This Workshop We Will...

Identify blockers to dreaming

so that you move forward with intention and purpose.

Anchor our Vision on God's Word

Create a Vison Board

that's a tool for our life, not a "wish-list"

You'll Have Access To...

1. Envision workbook highlighting some of the dream-stealers you might be facing to get your brain thinking past your current circumstances.
2. Canva vision board templates so that you can create your board without having to worry about the tech.
3. Three Envision modules walking you through mindset and dreaming, and the vision board process.
4. Live Virtual Vision Board Party where we’ll work on our boards, be encouraged and have fun!

Special Sale!

I wanted to knock down any barriers for you investing in you this month! This workshop is valued at $49 but is currently only $7.99!