Discovering Your Values and Priorities as a Mom in a New Season

values and priorities as a mom

Setting priorities can be a challenge, especially for moms undergoing significant life changes. It can feel overwhelming when the things that used to matter no longer hold the same importance. But don’t worry, this is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. We will explore how to set priorities and uncover our core values, which will guide us in making aligned decisions after navigating a hard season or embracing a new season.

Understanding Priorities

To start, let’s define priorities. They are the tasks or activities that take precedence over others. Recognize that what worked for you in the past may not be relevant now. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable and unsure as you step into a new season. Take this chance to reflect on what truly matters to you. Ask yourself, “What are the priorities I want in my life right now? What would be left if I strip away all distractions?” Embrace the opportunity to reinvent your priorities based on your current values, goals, and dreams.

Uncovering Your Values

Values are the underlying why behind your actions. Knowing your core values will help you make aligned decisions and reduce overwhelm. Many of us have absorbed values from our upbringing or culture without questioning if they truly resonate with us. Use this season of change to examine your values and determine if they are truly yours. Reflect on different facets of your life, such as family, faith, work, finance, fitness, and fun. Identify the core values that consistently show up and support your overall purpose. I’ve included a values list in the workbook below.

Discovering Your Values

Discovering your values doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use online quizzes or reflective exercises to gain clarity. These tools can help you sort through numerous values and identify your top 15. From there, select your top five values for the current season. Remember, values can shift over time, and it’s okay to prioritize different values based on the season. Values are neutral, they aren’t good or bad.

Simplifying Your Priorities

When setting priorities, keep things simple. Align your priorities with your values. Strip away unnecessary complexities and focus on what truly matters. For example, you may value family but find that it doesn’t make it into your top five values because it’s already intertwined with other values you hold dear. That’s okay. Priorities are about giving precedence to specific actions or tasks that align with your values.

Differentiating Priorities from Goals

Priorities and goals are not the same. While priorities are what you give precedence to in the present, goals are future-oriented targets. Goals can help you achieve more of your priorities. Ensure that your goals align with your priorities and, in turn, align with your values. When your goals, tasks, priorities, and values are all in sync, you’ll feel energized and fulfilled rather than drained.

By understanding your priorities and core values, you can navigate new seasons of life with confidence and clarity. Take the opportunity to reassess what truly matters to you and align your actions accordingly. Simplify your priorities, set future-oriented goals, and weave them into your daily routines. Remember, your priorities and values guide your decisions and shape the life you want to live.

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