Brain Hacks for the Holidays

Holiday Brain Hacks

Brain Hacks for the Holidays

when the holidays start to feel too much

I know for many people, the word “holidays” can bring up an array of different feelings. Sometimes it’s excitement. Those are probably the same people who have already put their Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. They’re playing the Christmas music as soon as October 31 is over. They’re ready to go.

And then yet there’s some who are like, “Yeah, I’m looking forward to parts of it.”

Then there are others who are like, “This is the hardest part of the year for me. This is just hard. “

The holidays can just feel hard, especially when the combination of past memories, overwhelm, and sensory triggers can provoke unexpected emotions.

In our master class this month I shared Brain Hacks to use during the holidays using the following acronym:

C. calm your nervous system

A. awareness of your thoughts

L. let go of expectations

M. manage priorities

What’s one brain hack that resonated with you the most?
Let’s make this holiday season a C.A.L.M. one.

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